Inverse Astrophysics VIEW

The inverse astrophysics VIEW of EARTH provides us with  concepts and symbol tools needed to understand human events on the EARTH geography surface.

In traditional astronomy and modern astrophysics, theorists and scientist stationed on planet EARTH look outward at the heavens ...... at the Solar System and the galaxies. They gather data with various telecopes, study  the data,  develop explanations, models, and theories.
This information is published in research papers  and magazines  ... thus an excellent source for concepts and ideas that may be used elsewhwere. 

We have regular astrophysics...or the UNIVERSE studied by astrophysics --> giving the term....
Universe astrophysics. 
Inverse astrophysics is based on Einstein's  theory of relative sizes and viewing positions.

In INVERSE astrophysics   ....  we think  that the Milky Way Galaxy and the Man on the MOON   are studying EARTH and the various human activites of  EARTH.

Let's  describe  with an  example..

The UNIVERSE astrophysics at Caltech has a bio-math logarithms life form from  the mathematical-physics  LOGARITHMS geography region of Logan, Utah.

picture logan 14









What is Logan  in math terms? 

picture logan 2















Notice the parallel identifier signal June 1,1940 --> the 2 vertical lines  in the MAX BORN date..  

picture magazine 1









Picture science magazine











Now, let assume that the astrophysics professor  had a virtual parallel  existing in the Milky WAY Galaxy

This hypothetical professor millions of miles away would  see the distant planet EARTH and its surface  .... like a bunch of atoms and molecules.

artist concept of NASA missions around Earth
Eyes on Earth
Learn more about NASA spacecraft studying our home planet. 



That  professor would perceive the physical entity of Kip Thorne as bio-mtah logarithms structure  ...
because the universe language codes from the SETI Institute and the Carl Sagan book " CONTACT"  
suggest the WORD:  Biology --> Bio log  y  .....  and the source code originates  from the math  log of logan, Utah.


Now,  the Caltech  professor living on EARTH (small planet) looks outward to the large UNIVERSE of many points and onjetcs and happenings..
The, virtual professor  living in the vast UNIVERSE  looks inward to the specific point ....Planet EARTH and its human expressions..

Also, let's assume that the virtual professor has copies of college textbooks in algbera, chemistry, biochemisty, physics, organic chemistry, astronomy and astrophysics books,etc ......... but they are like a foreign language that he must learn to translate.
However, he hopes to figure it out  ..... and use that  VAST storehouse of knowledge   and its secret codes    AND  then re-focus it back upon its source.
Thus we see a process control system of Nature  ... with the feedback information loop.


The researcher is  challenged and  faces many  problems.

He has no frame of reference....  where does he start?.

Then he discovers  Planet EARTH  and with a geology  /geography textbook  PICTURES figures  that all the BOOKS originated  on EARTH   ....  thus he conludes they are published on EARTH  by some atomic, bio-physics entities with a brain SYMBOL MACHINE..


Then by  LUCK he gets a copy of the brain cell WALL ---> Wall STREET Journal and their molecular cell biology financial reports  on astrophyscis brain cell codes..

The Wall Street Ex-Wives Club | Observer‎
Jan 27, 2010 – 16, The Wall Street Journal ran a long, lurid story naming her ... more sophisticated than the trophy girlfriend, less tedious than the family man, ...

SETI Institute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
The SETI Institute is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to “explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe”.

Searching for the Wives of Wall Street -‎
Jul 14, 2011 – A casting call notice went out on Wednesday for “Wall $treet Wives,” a ... But mere trophy wives need not apply. ... May 12, 5:11 pm
mission is to “explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe”.
mission is to “explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe”.
mission is to “explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe”.
mission is to “ understand and explain the origin of life in the university system”.

Will Autism Study Devastate "Trophy Wife" Industry? | Society ...‎
Aug 23, 2012 – ... fathers erupted in the comments section of the Wall Street Journal. ... But then I remembered a devilish little concept called "trophy wives.

Will Autism Study Devastate "Trophy Wife"

Will A          S      Devastate "    Trophy Wife"

Will       A       S  "Trophy      Wife"

Will        ASTrophysics   ...  married to secret codes .... Wife"


Arthur Schopenhauer: The World as Will and Idea - Public Bookshelf‎
SCHOPENHAUER'S magnificent work, The World as Will and Idea (Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung), published in 1819, is not only a masterly exposition of ...


Thus we se see the earth/ astrophysics continuum MESSAGE printed in the Wall Street Journal for scientists.
CONTACT  clues by Carl Sagan. Pay attention please.

Will        ASTrophysics   ...  married to secret codes .... Wife"

Will and IDEA    <------->     ASTrophysics   ...  marry = math array 


Lets's look  at some more examples. They are  listed as sub-pages on the left of your computer screen