Time Wars

The mathematical-physics  geography surface of EARTH  is  the location for various  space/ time BATTLES.
To understand the situation ..... we  need a model of existence  ....  a tool that will enable our  consciousness to understand various hidden leveles and dimensions of  of REALITY.

Hidden?   What does that mean?   Something that is not directly obvious;    but with the proper symbol  tool (math or physics equations)   or  a physical tool (like a lab microscope)  ..... may become visible  and described.   Using such techinques......  more knowledge has become explict.

4,000 years ago  protons, neutrons, and electrons exsited.  Biochemistry molecules exited in the ancient Egyptians.  4000 years ago  those DETAILs of existence were hidden to the human eye and its perception abilities.   Now,  with  the invention of abstract, symbol  tools and the invention of lab equipment  ... we can see the DETAILS of atoms and  biochemistry  molecules AND read about them in college science textbooks.   The invention or discovery of these equations and equipment required very hard thinking  AND  lots of study in difficult subjects, etc. 


To understand the situation ..... we  need a model of existence  ....  a tool that will enable our  consciousness to understand various hidden levels and invisible dimensions of   REALITY in YEAR 2013.  To do this,  we shall partition existence into 2 parts ....2 views .... 2 entities ....2 earthly universes that interact with each other .

1) we have the physical world  of solids and liquids,  automobiles, grocery stores,  biology and  traditional physics.
2) we  have the symbol world of English  language nouns, verbs, sentences AND we  have math equations AND biochemistry  flowcharts.

Ten thousand year ago ..... the world was a physical world, an audio world of birds and human grunts,   and optics was used to see physical objects like trees, rivers, and animals.   Symbols and math equations did NOT exist at the consciousess level.  On rare occassions the Carl JUNG atomic collective unconsciousness  ROSE to a level of partial consciousness  with a desire for VISIBLE expression  ..... and  attempted to communicate by drawing pictures. This was important to the development of the eye/ optical  nerve / brain photon data processor .......  the picture served as some type of signal .. a  LEVEL of achievement  and  ..... also...  a feednack signal BACK  to the human bio-physics periodic  atomic table of elements of life and thought..

Now, we have both  worlds... and they co-exist.  To understand this ....it is best to think of them as 2 separate indepedent worlds that interact.
You are a bio-computer AND  interact  with symbols --> thus a  human SYMBOL MACHINE. 

Now let's look at the NEW view of the world in year 2013 .....  and look at the  TIME WARS of civilization.

Are you part of civilization?
Are you a Y2K brain computer  .......TWO TIME loser?  
Virginia  TECH was a TWO Time loser on Base 16 HEX TIME battle of April 16, 2007.
They will not help research this TIME problem. 

Let's look at  the TIME WAR signals ...... they are listed as pages on TOP of your  computer screen and  as sub-pages on  the left of your  computer screen.